Conference Venue

The Central Institute of Ethnic Administrators
No 21 Hei Shan Hu Road
Hai Dian District
Beijing City, 100094, China
Phone: 86-10-62873563

Beijing Airport is approximately 40-45 minutes from the conference venue. A taxi will cost around RMB70-RMB80 (US$8.75 to US$10.00).


To assist delegates using taxis to get to the conference venue we include here instructions in Chinese to print out for the taxi driver.
Click here to download taxi driver instructions to the venue File size 62k


The Beijing map shows the location of the conference venue, the Central Institute of Ethnic Administrators, and various landmarks and places of interest in the surrounding Hai Dian District.
The larger map covers a greater area and it would be useful for delegates to print a copy to take with them to assist in getting around Beijing.

To view a larger version of the Beijing map covering a greater area, please click here.
Right-click this link to download the larger map to your computer for printing.




About the Venue

The Central Institute of Ethnic Administrators is a college for training public administrators from areas with significant numbers of people from ethnic minority groups. It is an important educational institution for people from minorities seeking higher education in the field of public administration. It is also a centre of international significance for research into ethnic diversity. One of the primary concerns of the Institute is the development of Western China, in association with China’s Ethnic Affairs Commission.

Most teachers in the Institute of Ethnic Administrators are part-time. Beijing is a city of many universities. and as a consequence, the Institute is able to involve leading national and international experts in its programs. Students are also sent to study abroad.

Close to the world heritage Summer Place, the Institute is located in the Hai Dian District of Beijing City. It is situated in beautifully landscaped gardens at the foot of a hill and beside a stream on the edge of the West Mountain green belt of Beijing.

The Institute’s campus consists of main teaching buildings, apartment buildings, a recreation and sport centre, a cafe, and various dining areas (including a Muslim dining area) which cater for a wide variety of food requirements. The institute has 210 standard guest rooms as well as luxury suites, and can accommodate 400 people on site (see accommodation area of this site).