Indigenous (Maori) Education: Generating Diverse Approaches to Cultural Sustainability

Ms Jenny Lee,
Ms Margaret Taurere,
Mr William Doherty,
Te Kawehau Hoskins
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This presentation will provide an opportunity to engage with Indigenous Maori educators working and researching in diverse educational settings in Aotearoa (New Zealand). Education is a key site of cultural revitalisation, and progress towards cultural sustainability for Maori depends on a diversity of approaches in multiple sites. Drawing on critical indigenous approaches these educators theorise the complexities of enabling Maori to 'live as Maori'. Wiremu Doherty will discuss Kura Kaupapa Maori (Maori Medium schooling) as a Maori led educational movement whose aim is to integrate successful educational outcomes with language and cultural revitalisation. Te Kawehau Hoskins discusses the potential of Maori communities to leverage the social and educational policies of 'partnership' to support Maori community development and to access greater authority in 'mainstream' schooling. Jenny Lee will examine the role Maori teachers' play in 'mainstream' schools as 'cultural conduits' committed to transformative outcomes. Margaret Taurere will discuss innovative recruitment strategies implemented by Maori to encourage Maori secondary school students to prepare and plan for entry into tertiary education.

Keywords: Indigenous Education, Maori immersion Schooling, Community Development, Minority Teachers, Recruitment of Minorities
Stream: First Nations, Indigenous Peoples
Presentation Type: Colloquium in English
Paper: Cultural Sustainability

Ms Jenny Lee

Lecturer, Maori Education, Faculty of Education, The University of Auckland
New Zealand

Ms Margaret Taurere

Maori Equity Advisor, Equal Education Opportunities Office, The University of Auckland
New Zealand

Mr William Doherty

Head of Maori Education, Manukau Institute of Technology
New Zealand

Te Kawehau Hoskins

New Zealand

Ref: D05P0100