In-Fear-Tainment: The Convergence of Fear, Diversity and Governance

Narayan Gopalkrishnan
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One of the key aspects of modern-day globalisation is that technology has enabled the quick and effective flow of ideas across the globe, ideas that can either support and disempower the individual and civil society. This paper will examine the implications of fear in this context and in relation to diversity in society. It will argue that fear is not a new tool in the hands of the powerful, but has assumed a significantly more threatening role in the recent past because of the globalised environment we live in. The paper will also focus on issues of democracy and social justice in relation to the concept of the term 'Infeartainment".

Keywords: Globalisation, Fear, Diversity, Governance, Infeartainment
Stream: Globalisation
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: In-Fear-Tainment

Narayan Gopalkrishnan

Director, Centre for Multicultural and Community Development, University of the Sunshine Coast

Narayan is the Director of the Centre for Multicultural and Community Development (CMCD), a research Centre based in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. CMCD undertakes action research, training, publications and conferences across Queensland, Australia and internationally. Narayan also lectures within the Bachelor of Social Science (Community Work) degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast. He is an academic/practitioner who has worked for many years in community development, largely in Australia and India, with a focus on participatory methodologies and empowerment of communities.

Ref: D05P0102