Exploring Cultural Diversity: Using Visual Research

Dr Steven Greenland,
Dr. Lez Rayman-Bacchus
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According to the United Nations Kenyan society has one of the world's largest rich-poor divides, second only to Brazil (UN-HABITAT 2003). As a result Nairobi, the capital and a key commercial centre for Sub-Saharan Africa, is home to one of the most economically diverse populations on the planet. Adopting a qualitative-visual research methodology the study explores and describes diversity within Nairobi society by examining a representative cross section of 60 households. It illustrates the full range of people and their living conditions, from those living in the tin shacks of the world's largest shanty town to the high security mansions of successful professionals. Initially conducted to describe social structure in Kenya and explore diversity within culture, the study has a much broader appeal and should be of interest to many social sciences including Sociology, Geography, Anthropology, Development/Aid, Health, as well as Marketing. Whilst the study was completed in Kenya it provides a unique insight into the city social structure of a major Sub Saharan country and is therefore also pertinent to the region as a whole.

Keywords: Visual Research Diversity Africa Society
Stream: Nations, Nationalism, Communities
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Dr Steven Greenland

Senior Lecturer Marketing and Social Research, Department of Business and Service Sector Management, London Metropolitan University

Dr Steve Greenland is currently a Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Social Research at the London Metropolitan University and specialises in research methods. Prior to this he worked as a market and social researcher in Europe and Africa. He has managed national and international, quantitative and qualitative projects for a broad range of commercial and public organisations including DFID (Department for International Development) and World Bank.

Dr. Lez Rayman-Bacchus

Senior Lecturer , London Metropolitan University

Lez Rayman-Bacchus is a Senior Lecturer at London Metropolitan University. His main interests are in the concept and practice of corporate and competitive strategy, and in enabling students to develop a critical perspective. Lez's teaching philosophy and research interests are influenced both by his varied teaching experience (previously with The Open University and University of Edinburgh) and his wide ranging international industrial experience, principally concerned with new business development.

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