Living a Diverse Life

Richa Kumari,
Dr. Arthur Shriberg,
Dr Anas Malik
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There is a lot of literature today describing the political, demographic, and social changes that are taking place in the world. While most of this literature describes these issues — political correctness, minority representation in institutions, concerns of the aged, differently abled, and other groups — and their effects on people and organizations, there is very little direction on how to use this information in a day-to-day activities and 'live a diverse life', responding appropriately to diversity moments as they occur. A diverse team of authors examines vignettes describing on real-life experiences of people from varied backgrounds and provides practical suggestions to help readers connect with people that are different from them on the diversity dimensions demonstrated in these vignettes. In addition, drawing on existing scholarly literature, the paper examines some elements of diversity, providing background information on these elements that provide the basis for the practical recommendations. For each of the elements addressed, the goal of the paper is to emphasize commonalities as well as differences and to encourage the reader to examine three fundamental questions: Who are you? Who am I? How do we connect? The contents of this paper focus on three aspects diversity (race, religion, gender) and will form a basis for a broader work, a book discussing several other elements of diversity with a similar goal.

Keywords: Diversity, Race, Gender, Religion, Commonalities, Human Differences
Stream: Gender and Sexuality
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Paper: Living a Diverse Life

Richa Kumari

Diversity Consultant

Dr. Arthur Shriberg

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Dr Anas Malik

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