Preparing for the University of Tomorrow, Today: Improving the Teaching, Research and Learning Environment for Minority Women Faculty and Students

Dr. Jo-Anne Lee,
Dr Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw,
Dr Xiaobei Chen
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North American universities are facing rapid change in their student populations, their academic workforce, and the broader contextual environments in which they operate. Socio-demographic changes and broader forces of globalization have impacted the ivory tower forcing university administrators to address the promise and challenges of diversity. There is growing recognition that the university has not done enough to welcome and support diversity in its institutional culture. This paper addresses the particular needs of racialised minority women faculty members who teach content that explicitly seek to bring about transformational consciousness among students when teaching knowledge about cultural diversity, social justice and equality. The paper presents an analysis of an initiative presently underway at a Canadian university that has been undertaken by minority women faculty to encourage the development of more effective models for supporting those who teaching critical, feminist, anti-racist and anti-homophobic knowledge and skills in an environment that is fairly conservative and racially, ethnically and culturally homogenous.

Keywords: Racial Minority Women Faculty, Institutional Transformation, Critical Pedagogy, Teaching and Learning, Diversity Politics
Stream: Immigration, Refugees
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Dr. Jo-Anne Lee

Assistant Professor, Department of Women's Studies, University of Victoria

Dr Lee is President of the Canadian Research Institute for the Advancement of Women (CRIAW). She is co-editor with John Lutz of Situating Race and Racialisation in Space, Time and Theory, forthcoming, McGill Queens UP.

Dr Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw

University of Victoria

Dr Xiaobei Chen

University of Victoria

Ref: D05P0135