In a Voice of their Own: CED by and for Aboriginals

Dr. Parvin Ghorayshi
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This paper relies on the literature on CED and focuses on aboriginal community development. We draw upon experiences of 26 aboriginal people, men, women, young and old, who have been and are active in the Winnipeg inner city community development. We use this case study to enter into the debate on development, in general, and community economic development for aboriginals, in particular. First we discuss the methodology that we have used in this project. In the second section, we show how aboriginals have been constructed as the 'other' within the Canadian society. Colonialism negatively affected aboriginals: their economy, identity, culture, family, community and well being. Despite difficulties, the third section discusses how aboriginals have continued their struggles in reclaiming their history and reconstructing their lives. Lives of aboriginals who participated in this project provide strong evidence that there is a need to deconstruct the colonial project of development. In the fourth section, the participants provide us with an outline of a workable model of community Development by and for aboriginals. Non-aboriginals have a major role to play in making that change does take place.

Keywords: Community Development, Colonization, Aboriginals, Oral History, Methodology, Resistance
Stream: Identity, Belonging, First Nations, Indigenous Peoples
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Dr. Parvin Ghorayshi

Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, University of Winnipeg

Parvin Ghorayshi is sociology professor at the University of Winnipeg. Her research interests include feminist theories; Post-colonial theory; gender and globalization; and Community Development. She is the author of women and work in developing countries; co-editor of Women, Work and Gender Relations in Developing Counties: A Global Perspective. Her most recent work appeared in the Canadian Journal of Development Studies, Women and Politics, Anthropologie et societe. She is presently engaged in a large collaborative project on Community Development in the New Economy.

Ref: D05P0164