The Privatization Process in Mexico: Prospects and Effects in Economic Development

Dr. Jose G. Vargas-Hernández
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This paper is aimed to analyze historical development and background of privatization in Mexico, prospects of the privatization program in Mexico and effects of the Mexican privatization program. It is safe to conclude that changes of ownership through the privatisation process in Mexico has led to the foreign investors to own the most profitable former state owned enterprises which under the spirit of globalisation of business has terminated any sentiment of national capitalism. Also, it is concluded that the policy of privatization in Mexico has not achieved the aims related to increase economic growth and development, but has contributed significantly to become a subsidiary economy owned and managed by transnational and multinational corporations. However, this aim is politically neither desirable nor feasible for the economic development of Mexico. If good performance of privatisation is required, actually it is successful only if state-owned companies are so well managed that there is no need to privatise

Keywords: Privatization, Mexico, Economic Development
Stream: Globalisation, Nations, Nationalism, Communities
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: The Privatization Process in Mexico

Dr. Jose G. Vargas-Hernández

Researcher, Centro Universitario del Sur, Universidad de Guadalajara

Member of the National System of Researchers of Mexico. Visiting scholar at University of California at Berkeley. Research professor at Centro Universitario del Sur, Universidad de Guadalajara and at Instituto Tecnológico de Cd. Guzmán in the field of management and economic sciences. Visiting professor at Instituto Tecnológico de Colima, Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Campus Colima, Escuela Superior de Comercio y Administración del Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Universidad de Colima and Universidad de Occidente. Visiting research professor at School of Public Administration, Carleton University, Canadá. Before, research professor at Centro Universitario de Investigaciones Sociales and the Facultad de Economía de la Universidad de Colima. Ph. D. In Public Administration (Columbia States University), Ph. D. in Economics (Keele University, England). Studies in Organisational Behaviour (Lancaster University). Master of Business Administration in Industrial Management (Pacific States University). Marketing Certificate (The British Institute of Marketing). Diploma in Philosophy (Universidad Panamericana). Bachelor in Commercial Relations, Instituto Politécnico Nacional. External Independent Consultant, ex director of Centro de Capacitación y Adiestramiento, General Manager of Patronato del Instituto Tecnológico, Chief Executive Office of Novacal S. A., and Manager of the Consejo de Colaboración Ciudadana. Director of Mass Media at Ayuntamiento de Cd. Guzmán.

Ref: D05P0230