International Short Term Faculty Programs: Lessons from Taiwan

Dr Carol Getty
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Based on the successes of student exchange programs, I am proposing short-term faculty programs. Some universities are working on sister relationships or dual degree programs. Short-term faculty programs have rarely been utilized and should be; much can be accomplished in a few weeks. Timing needn't be a problem. Based on the results of my experiences teaching for a month in Taiwan, I am proposing continued exploration of this type of faculty program among universities.

Keywords: Taiwan, Guest Lecturing, Teaching and Learning Faculty Diversity Programs
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Dr Carol Getty

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Department Chair, School of Social Sciences, Park University

Prior to joining the faculty at Park University, I worked in appointed positions of Commissioner and Chairman by Presidents Reagan and Bush for the United States Parole Commission. Between 1978 and 1983, I served as a Board Member and Vice Chairman of the Arizona Board of Pardons and Paroles appointed by the then Arizona Governor. My expertise in is political science and public administration, and I have worked in juvenile and adult corrections as well as in probation and parole. I have numerous experiences in leadership positions in professional and volunteer organizations. I have traveled internationally personally and belong to People to People International. The five-week trip to Taiwan was a fascinating experience; I taught in English at two universities in three locations; I taught Legal Systems of the World, U.S. Government, State Government, and Comparative Criminal Justice Systems in a law school, an International College, a Graduate School of American Studies.

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