Managing Diversity: The Structural and Institutional Aspects of Unethical Business Practices Across Cultures

Dr. Yong Zhang
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The increasing necessity for businesses to spread their operations globally has given rise to the pressing need to manage a diverse array of unethical business practices and activities across national boundaries effectively. Such needs are linked to effective corporate governance and the requirement to maintain transparency and high ethical standards in business conduct overseas. This conceptual paper examines the structural and institutional aspects of such practices and explores the influence of culture on the effectiveness of dealing with such activities. Suggestions are offered to help dissect the causes and effects surrounding the issues.

Keywords: Diversity, Corruption, Culture
Stream: Globalisation, Politics of Diversity
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Dr. Yong Zhang

Associate Professor of Marketing and International Business, Department of Marketing and International Business, Frank G. Zarb School of Business , Hofstra University

Ref: D05P0241