The Asylum Seekers Centre: A Community-Based Organisation

Ms Maya Cranitch
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The Asylum Seekers Centre is a community-based organisation which provides counselling, medical, educational and legal support to asylum seekers while they await Government decisions about their application for refugee status. The paper explores the challenges of delivering such services with a mostly volunteer staff and without government funding. It also argues that such a Centre provides an important vehicle for a community response to one of the most marginalised groups in Australia. In this sense there are mutual benefits: support for asylum seekers while capacity building and community development towards a more civic pluralism.

Keywords: Refugees, Asylum Seekers, Community based organisations, Volunteers
Stream: Immigration, Refugees
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Ms Maya Cranitch

Lecturer, School of Education, Mount Saint Mary Campus, Australian Catholic University

Maya Cranitch teaches at The Mount Saint Mary Campus of the Australian Catholic University in the School of Education. She teaches courses in English curriculum in both Primary and Secondary education at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. As Coordinator of the Graduate Certificate in TESOL, she has been involved in teacher education, has developed curriculum, designed teaching materials and taught English language in a variety of contexts: children at schools, overseas students at university and adult learners both in Sydney and overseas. Maya's professional interest in the area of refugee issues is underlined by her own journey from refugee to Australian citizen.

Ref: D05P0245