Young Chinese Entrepreneurs in Australia: Migrant Networks in a New Land

Dr. Daniel W. Lund,
Peter Woods,
Raymond Hibbins,
Michelle C. Barker
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The study explores the phenomenon of young migrant Chinese entrepreneurs in Brisbane, Australia and the various ways in which they use networks to advance their business interests. While the concept of networking is an integral component of the Chinese way of doing business for Chinese entrepreneurs in Asian countries, the highly regulated business environment in Australia poses many challenges and restrictions to Chinese network reliance. The notions of 'entrepreneur', 'network' and 'entrepreneurial networks' are discussed before examining these concepts in the Chinese in Asia context. The study utilised personal interviews and questionnaires with a group of six migrant Chinese entrepreneurs in Australia, all below 40 years of age. It was found that the three entrepreneurs who did not have any networks in Brisbane before their arrival found it relatively easy to purchase franchises and begin business operations immediately, without the need for pre-existing networks. The three participants who did have pre-existing network contacts in Brisbane started up private businesses with the extensive assistance of their Chinese community networks. The implications of this study on business migration issues are discussed.

Keywords: Entrepreneur, Networks, Entrepreneurial networks, Migrant Chinese entrepreneurs
Stream: Immigration, Refugees
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Young Chinese Entrepreneurs in Australia

Dr. Daniel W. Lund

Ph. D. Student, Department of Management, Griffith Business School , Griffith University

Peter Woods

Lecturer / Ph. D. Student, Department of Management, Griffith Business School , Griffith University

Raymond Hibbins

Senior Lecturer, Department of Tourism, Leisure, Hotel and Sport Management, Griffith Business School , Griffith University

Michelle C. Barker

Professor, Department of Management, Griffith Business School , Griffith University

Ref: D05P0262