How One Public School District Ensures Academic Success for all Students, Regardless of Ethnicity and Exceptionality

Dr. Mary Gervase
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A United States public school district is transforming how they ensure students academic success. Utilizing research on maximizing student success through prevention and early intervention, the program has redefined what the education partner — students, parents and staff — need to do to ensure that all students achieve, regardless of ethnicity and exceptionality. Coined the Milepost Program, this program requires all students, parents and staff to sign an accountability agreement outlining each of their responsibilities to ensure their student's success during their school career. It defines educational Mileposts, which are reachable, meaningful. Measurable academic skill levels, that all students are expected to reach, are specified at the end of grades 2, 5, 6, 10 and 12. Students identified as being at risk of not meeting these academic standards are referred to an intervention team, of which the parent and student are a part, for development of an individualized plan for student success, a Milepost plan. This three year electronic plan includes areas to be addressed, strategies to be utilized, and how each member of the intervention team will contribute. Monitored and adjusted annually, this electronic plan is just one part of an impressive student data base that was created to enable educators to have ready access to their students' intervention history, standardized test results, and an individualized continuum of skills tailored for each student based on their test performance. This paper outlines the program design, components, the underlying research base, and presents initial data on the program effectiveness.

Keywords: Maximizing Student Success Regardless of Ethnicity and Exceptionality, Prevention and Early Intervention, Role of Education Partners
Stream: Learning, Education, Training
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Paper: How Blaine County School District Ensures Academic Success for All Students, Regardless of Ethnicity and Exceptionality

Dr. Mary Gervase

Assistant Superintendent and Curriculum Director, Blaine County School District

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