International Students and Diversity in American Higher Education: Implications for Internationalization

Mr. Sidney Greenblatt
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Review of historical patterns of diversity among internationals in American higher education and of literature on diversity and diversity training for evidence of inclusion, followed by a micro analysis of interaction between, staff, administrators and students dealing with conflict involving international students. The paper assesses the obstacles to and the promise of a more inclusive approach to internationalization and diversity in U.S. higher education.

Keywords: Diversity, International Students, U.S. Higher Education, Syracuse University, Attitudes, Behavior, Conflict, Inclusion, Internationalization
Stream: Learning, Education, Training
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English/Chinese
Paper: International Students and Diversity in American Higher Education

Mr. Sidney Greenblatt

Assistant Director/ Adjunct Associate Professor, Lillian and Emanual Slutzker Center for International Services Department of Sociology , Division of Student Services

Ref: D05P0274