Dealing with Indigenous People in a Diversified Community

Mr Loganathan Krishnan
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Malaysia has a population of 25. 2 million with a rich and diversified community made up of Malays, Chinese, Indians and the Natives of East Malaysia. On the other hand, there are approximately 140, 000 indigenous people, who are concentrated in West Malaysia. The indigenous people have continually been in the backdrop barely seen by the modern man. Neither does the latter in actuality know the detailed legal-socio-economic status of the indigenous people. The wider stream of the community hardly felt that the indigenous people are a segment of the community. Furthermore, the indigenous people live a secluded and isolated life. Nevertheless, laws and policies have been drawn for the betterment, improvement and well being of the indigenous people. The intention of the laws and the policies is to treat them as part of the diversified community of Malaysia. This paper will scrutinize the provisions, applicability, effect and the operation of the laws and policies. Whilst doing so, the paper will particularly examine to what extent the aims, goals and objectives as mentioned above is reflected in the laws and policies. The paper will then explore how each branch of the government plays its role and responsibility in ensuring that the laws and policies achieve its aims, goals and objectives. The paper will unveil whether the indigenous people are dealt with accordingly and appropriately. Finally, the paper will attempt to find a solution for the provision of a better treatment for the indigenous people so that it is legally justified to include them as part of the rich and diversified community of the country.

Keywords: Laws, Policies, Indigenous People
Stream: First Nations, Indigenous Peoples
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Paper: Dealing with Indigenous People in a Diversified Community

Mr Loganathan Krishnan

Lecturer, Department of Law, School of Business, Curtin University of Technology, Sarawak Campus

Ref: D05P0280