Transnational Teachers, Postcolonial Ambivalence and Cultural Knowledge

Prof. Carol Reid
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This paper discusses the contemporary global movement of professionals, in this instance, teachers. While this is not a new phenomenon, countries like Australia have had a well-established tradition of 'importing' teachers from countries that have been predominately 'white', English speaking and first world. Drawing on the narratives of a group of teachers in one Sydney High school this paper examines the discourses of inclusion and exclusion in relation to overseas trained teachers who are visible minorities, from language backgrounds other than English and who come from former colonised nations. The paper has a focus on the teachers' agency arising from the postcolonial contexts in which they have been trained as well as the ambivalence this creates when cultural capital and cultural knowledge are considered lacking. The gendered dimensions of this experience will also be considered as they intersect with processes of racialisation.

Keywords: Transnational Teachers, Postcolonial Contexts, Racialisation and Agency
Stream: Race and Racism
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Prof. Carol Reid

Senior Lecturer in Sociology of Education and Cross-cultural Studies, School Of Education and Early Childhood Studies, University of Western Sydney

Ref: D05P0281