A Workplace Diversity Training and Management Model: Using Dimensions of Diversity as a Central Strategy for Inclusion

Dr. Felicia Wiltz,
Ms Patricia Venter,
Veronica Porter
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As the workforce of the United States becomes increasingly more diverse and the economy is increasingly global, many employers are recognizing the advantages of managing diversity strategically. There are a variety of models being used to achieve this goal. However, many diversity management efforts have been met with scepticism and resistance. In an effort to incorporate a more personal approach to diversity training and management, a model used by the presenters at a large, predominantly white, private university in the United States will be highlighted. This model, the Cultural Awareness Train-the-Trainer Program, uses all dimensions of diversity as its central theme. Whereas race, ethnicity and gender are certainly important dimensions to be considered in diversity training and management efforts, many other dimensions are often overlooked, such as disability, sexual orientation, religion and socioeconomics. The non-threatening and inclusive approach of this particular model was significant in the creation of a positive work environment during challenging times at that university. It has also enhanced the productivity and services rendered by those who participated in the program. The specific reasons for choosing this model will be presented as well as key aspects of the Cultural Awareness Train-the-Trainer program, such as the dimensions of diversity, the non-threatening and personal approach, the concept of inclusion, the establishment of norms, communication strategies and work culture changes. In addition, keys to a successful diversity training and management model will be discussed, including measurement of the models effectiveness.

Keywords: Dimensions of Diversity, Diversity Training, Diversity Management, Diversity Strategies, Cultural Awareness, Work Culture
Stream: Learning, Education, Training
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Workplace Diversity Training and Management Model, A

Dr. Felicia Wiltz

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Suffolk University

Dr Felicia P. Wiltz is currently an Assistant Professor and Assistant Chair in the Department of Sociology at Suffolk University, where she teaches courses in Work, Race, Welfare, Immigration and Research Methods. Her research is in the area of Welfare Reform and Work, Racial and Gender Inequalities in the Workplace and within the Healthcare System. She has been trained as a diversity trainer and has conducted diversity trainings within a university setting.

Ms Patricia Venter

Diversity Program Director - Retired, Division of Cooperative Education, Northeastern University

Veronica Porter

Assistant Professor, Department of Cooperative Education, Northeastern University

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