Southeast Asian Professor Meets American Graduate Students: Learning Orientations in Two Different Cultures

Dr. Faye Marsha Camahalan
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Background of the Study: The presenter is currently a Graduate Studies Professor in United States. Prior to her job, she held the same position in her home country, the Philippines. Now that she is handling students from the culture different from her, she observed that there is diversity on the learning orientation of students she had dealt with from two countries. As a result, to achieve effective instruction, she adjusted her own teaching philosophy, modify her teaching orientation, and change her assessment policies. Problem under Study Based on her observation and experience, the presenter would like to explore on how her students from the Philippines and United States differ in terms of learning orientation. The following specific problems for comparison will be studied: 1. What kind of learning motivation do students have? 2. How do students approach learning in the classroom? 3. How does culture influence students' motivation to learn? Contribution to Literature The presenter, as an ethnic minority in U.S. and with completely different teaching and learning experience from her students was able to thrive and modify instruction suited to her learners' learning orientation. This paper will explain the variables which correlate learning and cultural diversity and describe how these variables are used to achieve effective graduate studies instruction.

Keywords: Learning Orientation, Cultural Diversity
Stream: Learning, Education, Training
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Dr. Faye Marsha Camahalan

Asst. Professor of Educational Psychology, Graduate Studies, School of Education, Indiana University Southeast

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