Delivering Value-Added Library and Information Services to a Diverse Student Customer Base

Dr Michael Francis Heaney,
Dr Joo-Gim Heaney
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This case study describes how four focus market research groups were conducted at a large University in Australia, which has International students from nearly 100 countries. The Library and Information Services Department discovered that International students used the Library and Information Services differently from domestic students and therefore required different services from domestic students. This case study uses updated new qualitative methodology and describes how recently developed qualitative software, NVivo, was used to uncover the International students' needs. The paper then shows how the Library and Information Services Department added value to both domestic and International students' needs through effectively delivering and combining a range of services.

Keywords: International Students, Library and Information Services, University, Efficient Service Distribution
Stream: Learning, Education, Training
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Delivering Value-Added Library and Information Services to a Diverse Student Customer Base

Dr Michael Francis Heaney

Director of Orchestral Studies, Department of Music, The Southport School

Michael F. Heaney's qualifications included a Ph. D. in Music Education Research from Florida State University, a Masters in Music, a Bachelor of Music Education, a Diploma in Music Education, Licentiate Diploma (L. T. C. L.) and a Teaching Certificate. He has distinguished himself in the area of qualitative music research under Dr C. K. Madsen. In addition, Dr Heaney has produced outstanding young string players and is classified by the USA as a leading music educator worldwide. Dr Heaney has received numerous awards by the Australian government, including the Distinguished Leadership Award for Services to Music Education and the Commemorative Medal of Honour for Services to Music.

Dr Joo-Gim Heaney

Program Director of the Bachelor of Business and Acting Senior Lecturer, Griffith Business School, Griffith University

Joo-Gim has a Ph. D. in Business Administration (Marketing) from Florida State University, and a B. Ec. and LL. B. from Sydney University. She is a Lecturer at Griffith University, Australia. Her areas of research focus on marketing education, professional services, marketing to Asian consumers, and marketing by non-profit organisations. She has published in the International Journal of Bank Marketing (with a Highly Commended Award), Psychological Reports, and Southeastern Journal of Music Education and published in numerous conferences including the Association of Marketing Theory and Practice, the North American Case Research Association, the NorthEast Decision Sciences Institute, and the U.S. Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship.

Ref: D05P0299