Dimensions of Diversity: A Personal Approach

Ms Patricia Venter,
Veronica Porter,
Dr. Felicia Wiltz
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This interactive workshop presents a personal approach to diversity training and management, a model used by the presenters at a large, predominantly white, private university in the United States. This model, the Cultural Awareness Train-the-Trainer Program, uses all dimensions of diversity as its central theme, not just race, ethnicity and gender. Whereas race, ethnicity and gender are certainly important dimensions to be considered, this model includes other dimensions often overlooked in diversity training and management, such as disability, sexual orientation, religion and socioeconomics. The non-threatening and inclusive approach of this particular model was significant in the creation of a positive work environment during challenging times at that university. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in one module from this training model, as well as share in a discussion of diversity strategies. This workshop will particularly benefit those who are interested in enhancing and/or are responsible for diversity training and management programs within their organizations. Handouts will be provided.

Keywords: Dimensions of Diversity, Diversity Training, Diversity Management, Diversity Strategies, Cultural Awareness, Work Culture
Stream: Learning, Education, Training
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
Paper: Dimensions of Diversity

Ms Patricia Venter

Diversity Program Director - Retired, Division of Cooperative Education, Northeastern University

Patricia Venter held the position of Diversity Program Director for the Division of Cooperative Education when she retired from Northeastern University after 26 years of service in June 2004. She was the initiator of the division's Cultural Awareness Train-the-Trainer Program. She has several years experience in managing and facilitating diversity education initiatives, developing/coordinating programs to enhance cross-cultural awareness, and working with employers in the development of programs to enhance efforts of workforce diversification. Ms Venter received the President's Diversity Recognition Award from Northeastern University in May 2001.

Veronica Porter

Assistant Professor, Department of Cooperative Education, Northeastern University

Dr. Felicia Wiltz

Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Suffolk University

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