Workplace Diversity Management in N. America: One Size Fits All?

Dr Gloria Elizabeth Miller
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In the way of positivist science, the diversity management literature has assumed that it has discovered rules, or processes, that are generalizeable across diverse people, organizations, geographic regions, and countries, at least in the North American literature. This is somewhat ironic, considering that practitioners of diversity management advocate for differential treatment for people who are different on some dimension. In the early development stage of any interest area, this is probably fairly typical. However, it has been almost two decades since this area emerged and the time is right to begin to examine diversities within diversity. This paper begins that process by suggesting first that, in North America, there are significant differences in what constitutes diversity among the countries of Canada, the United States, and Mexico. With a focus on Canada, it then goes on to detail some important regional differences within the country which have implications for the management of diversity. It concludes with a scan of the Canadian diversity management literature and points to some gaps related to the populations being studied under this rubric.

Keywords: Diversity Management, North America, Canadian Regional Diversity
Stream: Organisations
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Dr Gloria Elizabeth Miller

Associate Professor, Faculty of Administration, University of Regina

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