Marxism and Diversity: Contradictions and Continuities

Dr. Fred L. Pincus
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Traditional Marxism focuses on class issues with race, gender and sexual orientation as secondary contradictions. This often results in minimizing or ignoring racism, sexism and homophobia. Diversity scholars, on the other hand, often discuss parallel systems of oppression with no single oppression being fundamental or important. This is sometimes called the "intersectionality" approach or the "race, class, gender" approach. This often results in minimizing the centrality of capitalism in the process of globalization. The goal of this session is to try to bridge these differences and take the best of the Marxist and intersectional approaches in order to better understand diversity issues.

Keywords: Marxism, Diversity, Intersectionality
Stream: Politics of Diversity
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Dr. Fred L. Pincus

Professor, Professor of Sociology, University of Maryland Baltimore County

Dr Pincus has taught courses on "Race and Ethnic Relations," "Diversity and Pluralism: An Interdisciplinary Perspective," and "Constructing Race, Class and Gender" in the Sociology and Anthropology Department of the University of Maryland Baltimore County since 1968. He is the author of "Reverse Discrimination: Dismantling the Myth" (Lynn Riener Publishers, 2003) and the co-editor of "Race and Ethnic Conflict: Contending Views on Prejudice, Discrimination and Ethnoviolence, 2nd Edition" (Westview Press, 1999). He is presently working on another book "Understanding Diversity" to be published by Lynn Rienner Publishers next year. He has given numerous workshops based on his "Test of Affirmative Action Knowledge," a 15-item multiple choice test with empirically right and wrong answers.

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