A Pedagogy of Fusion: Reaching and Teaching children in Distress

Dr. Elite Ben-Yosef
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Children of work migrants the world over grow up in distress-causing situations: poverty, alienation, fear of authorities and local resentment, transience and identity issues. A movie will be shown documenting the plight of such children in Israel ("Do they Catch Children Too?" by Galili and Kochanovsky, The New Israeli Foundation for Cinema and TV) followed by a presentation of a pedagogy developed by the faculty of one elementary school in Tel-Aviv, to provide these children with a meaningful education.

Keywords: Inclusionary pedagogy, Reconceptualizing schools and schooling, Marginalized population, Teaching with heart and mind, Caring school, Migrant population
Stream: Learning, Education, Training
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Pedagogy of Fusion, A

Dr. Elite Ben-Yosef

Professor, Department of Reading and Basic Education, Nassau Community College, Hempstead, New York

Ref: D05P0315