Storytelling: Exploring the Intersections between Western and Anishnabe Research Methodologies

Ms. Leisa Desmoulins
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The study, undertaken as a collaboration between a non-native graduate student and the Elder-in-residence, both of Lakehead University, asked two questions: 1) how an Elder's stories of her lived intercultural experience inform intercultural understanding; and, 2) how does storytelling as methodology inform intercultural spaces of understanding. This paper explores the methodology from the author's perspective of the intersection of Western qualitative research methods of narrative inquiry and Indigenous storytelling — i.e., methodology as metaphor for intercultural research. The paper weaves Aboriginal scholars' voices with the author's research experience (in italics throughout the text) and relates her personal reflections on using an intercultural methodology for the study. The reflections address personal synergies and tensions inherent in using Indigenous storytelling as a research methodology.

Keywords: Methodology, Narrative inquiry, Indigenous storytelling, Anishnabe paradigms and contexts, Intercultural dialogue, Diversity, Difference
Stream: First Nations, Indigenous Peoples
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Storytelling

Ms. Leisa Desmoulins

Ph. D. candidate, Joint Ph.D. in Educational Studies, Lakehead University

Ref: D05P0317