Intellectual Diversity: Conflict, Communication and Moving Beyond Difference

Dr Curtis Brant,
Dr Michael Johll
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Conflict in our work and personal lives is inevitable. The anger, grudges, misunderstandings, and hurt feelings that often result from conflict are not inevitable. Conflict often has deleterious effects on productivity, morale, job and life satisfaction, and ultimately on one's health. These effects can be heightened when one considers a diverse workspace. Diversity occurs in many forms ranging from gender, ethnic, cultural, and intellectual diversity. This presentation examines the role of intellectual diversity as a contributing factor to conflict and conflict resolution. Conflict produces change in the person and the system in which it takes place. Change does not have to be a negative experience. Conflict when handled properly leads to increased unity. Unity is strongly associated with positive outcomes for all. Conflict promotes win-win situations where compromise is essential. Compromise leads to common goals and both parties being involved and invested in the process. This colloquium will draw upon theory, research, and real world examples to exemplify the benefits of intellectual diversity moving beyond difference and conflict.

Keywords: Intellectual Diversity, Conflict Resolution, Communication
Stream: Organisations, Learning, Education, Training
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
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Dr Curtis Brant

Core Faculty, Human Services, Capella University

Dr Michael Johll

Faculty, Harold Abel School of Psychology, Capella University

Ref: D05P0325