Diversity in Practice: Customised Learning for Australian Indigenous Managers

Ms Martha Sombo Kamara
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The study will highlight the fundamental issues and challenges experienced by academics and students during the three year delivery of this program and discuss the strategies adopted to meet these challenges successfully. The study will provide insights into basic understandings relating to flexible delivery, a dimension of customised learning, to Indigenous Australian managers to accommodate multiple differences in academic standards, geographical locations, occupational and professional standings and access to academic resources and support. The influence of culture on students' learning plays a vital role in delivery and has implications for cross-cultural management curricula in achieving desired educational standards and outcomes. Continuous negotiation and reflection by all stakeholders are essential to this process. Of paramount importance is the on going critical analysis of the relevance of values and norms of western cultural imperialism. As management demands continue to develop at an increasing and varied rate, the ultimate aim is the application of theory to produce a culture and environment in which success is possible for a diverse range of Indigenous managers who must be seen to operate in more diverse roles effectively and competently.

Keywords: Workplace diversity, Cross-cultural management, Multiple differences, Customised learning, Flexible delivery
Stream: Learning, Education, Training
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Ms Martha Sombo Kamara

Lecturer, School of Business and Community Studies, Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education

Ref: D05P0327