Diversity for Western European Managers

Dr Grethe Van Geffen
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We are a consultancy company (founded 1997) specialized in diversity management, working in four languages (Dutch, English, French and German). Diversity management as a commercial product confronts us very often with the question how things can be done (opposed to the question how diversity should be done). Our customers pay us not so much for our ideas as for the benefit they expect to have from our actions at the lowest costs and efforts.
Until now we have mostly worked in Belgium, Germany and Holland and both profit and non profit organizations look alike: 1. they don't have time; please realize it but don't be thorough!; 2. managers are rewarded for short term results, diversity is a long term investment.; 3. discrimination, harassment, social exclusion? Never heard of!; 4. policies on paper rather than daily practice.; 5. urgent other priorities now: we'll do it next year!
We have developed many methods by now, on this conference we want to show you one of them: the ten critical success factors. In a situation of too full agendas and often a lack of insight in diversity themes, it supports managers, directors, P&O workers and staff members to make choices and understand the returns of diversity management for their organization.
In this workshop we give you a short explanation of this method, and a case. Then it is your turn to be the consultant in a Western European company, struggling with a lack of time and money and several managers who don't see any benefit in diversity issues! As you might have noticed already, this workshop is more about creativity and flexibility than about truth and idealism!

Keywords: Diversity management, Business consultancy, Critical success factors for diversity in organisations
Stream: Organisations
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Dr Grethe Van Geffen

Managing Director, Seba cultuurmanagement bv, Amsterdam

Grethe van Geffen is founder (1997) and managing director of Seba cultuurmanagement bv, a internationally orientated bureau for interim management, consultancy and training specialised in diversity management. Among the customers of Seba are 20% of the top managers of local government in Amsterdam, different health institutes and housing associations, the national employment office and several international commercial companies. Seba developed the Organisational Quickscan for diversity management (quality focussed) and the first Dutch evening course in intercultural and diversity management. We founded Diversiteit. Web, a new network in Amsterdam for people who deal with diversity management. Often, individuals dealing with this topic are alone in their organisation and need to make a lot of effort to get a little bit done. Diversiteit. Web allows them to exchange ideas and experiences and make new contacts through quarterly gatherings in an informal setting. Grethe van Geffen published books and articles about diversity and writes three monthly columns. She is an active member of Mensa Netherlands Education: Business Administration and Management / Consultancy, Secondary Management of Non-Profit Organisations, Turkish Language and Literature, French Language and Literature.

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