Ethnic Marketing, Multi-Culturalism and Consumer Purchase Behaviour: Issues of Cultural Identity

Dr Mammy Helou
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The contributions of ethnicity, race and social class to the formation of cultural identity, purchase and consumption behaviour is an underwritten area of research mainly due to individuals' sensitivities and the complexity involved in researching the bases and processes of cultural identity. This study evaluates the extent to which individuals are free to choose their own cultural identity. It also explores the contributions of such factors such as nationality, ethnicity, race and class to the need for continuous purchase and consumption behaviour.

Keywords: Ethnic marketing, Multi-culturalism, Consumer purchase behaviour, Cultural identity and its formation, Ethnicity, race and social class
Stream: Identity, Belonging
Presentation Type: Virtual Presentation in English
Paper: Ethnic Marketing, Multi-Culturalism and Consumer Purchase Behaviour

Dr Mammy Helou

Senior Lecturer in Marketing, School of Marketing and International Business College of Law and Business, University of Western Sydney

Ref: D05P0335