Te Whakapakari: Research for Social Justice

Dr Colleen McMurchy-Pilkington,
Dr Vicki Marie Carpenter
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This paper reports on a research project that is centred around two primary school (years one to six), and an intermediate school (years seven and eight) in a large urban suburb in Auckland, New Zealand. Six teacher participants across two schools (including the principal or designate) are working alongside two lead researchers in a co-ordinated range of experiential activities and engagements, and critical action research projects. These actions enable participant teachers to explore and trial the most effective teaching and whole school practices to significantly raise indigenous Maori student achievement. Compounding the cross-cultural factor is the issue of socio-economic class as the two participant schools are in a low socio-economic area. Concurrently the lead researchers are examining, researching and reporting on the whole project, with the aim of providing a model for other New Zealand school contexts.

Keywords: Social Justice, Indigenous, Maori, Action Research, Empowerment, New Zealand
Stream: Politics of Diversity
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Te Whakapakari

Dr Colleen McMurchy-Pilkington

Principal Lecturer, Te Puna Wananga Faculty of Education, University of Auckland
New Zealand

Dr Vicki Marie Carpenter

Principal Lecturer, Centre for Education, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland
New Zealand

Ref: D05P0356