Language Learning and Cultural Collisions

Lili Ji
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With further commercial interactions and cultural communications among countries all over the world, English has virtually developed into a universal language for its wide spread usage. At the same time, as China becomes more and more active in the international affairs, it has an increasing demand for people proficient in English, which, together with other elements, contributes to the unparalleled passion for English study among Chinese learners. Since language is the medium of a culture, it will render far-reaching influences on the learner's ways of thinking. Thus generally speaking, English learners in China undergo three stages during their acquisition of the language, that is, evaluating it from the angle of their mother tongue; criticizing their own culture in the light of the English culture; the final return to their own culture.

Keywords: English learning, Culture
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Lili Ji

Graduate student, Education Department, Central University For Nationalities

Ref: D05P0365