Asian Sites of Emergence

Professor Aihwa Ong
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Paper: Asian Sites of Emergence

Professor Aihwa Ong

Professor of Anthropology and of Southeast Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley

Aihwa Ong is a leading anthropologist of globalization and citizenship. She has carried out ethnographic research on global processes, cultures, and politics in Southeast Asia, China, and California. She is a Professor of Anthropology and of Southeast Asian Studies at the University of California, Berkeley.
Her writings on Chinese transnationalism, globalization, and sovereignty, and citizenship have influenced fields in the social sciences and the humanities. Her books include 'Global Assemblages: Politics, Technology, and Ethics as Anthropological Problems' (Blackwell, 2004); 'Buddha is Hiding: Refugees, Citizenship, the New America' (University of California Press, 2003); 'Flexible Citizenship: The Cultural Logics of Transnationality' (Duke University Press, 1999); and 'Ungrounded Empires: the Cultural Politics of Modern Chinese Transnationalism' (Routledge, 1997).
Recently, she received a MacArthur Foundation grant to study risk and (in)security in Asian cities. Her forthcoming book is called 'Neoliberalism as Exception: Mutations in Citizenship and Sovereignty'.

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