Constructing Chinese Cultural Identity and Critical Discourse in the Context of Globalisation

Ning Wang
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The present paper will first of all deal with the issue of globalization and the consequence it has brought to the humanities and culture studies from an intellectual perspective by offering a restrospection on the state of the art of the study of globalization worldwide and its positive and negative effect on current Chinese cultural and intellectual life as well as academic study. The author also points out that since cultural globalization as a direct consequence of economic globalization has appeared beyond anyone's resistance, seeking a sort of Chinese national identity and constructing its cultural identity have become of vital significance to scholars of both literary and cultural studies. To the author, seeking such a Chinese national and cultural identity also has much to do with the construction or reconstruction of Chinese critical discourse, for in this respect globalization has certainly provided us with a rare opportunity to develop our national culture and literature. The author also deals with the splitting of language by illustrating the globalization of English and Englishes.

Keywords: Globalization, Nation, Culture, Identity, Critical discourse
Presentation Type: Plenary Presentation in English
Paper: Constructing Chinese Cultural Identity and Critical Discourse in the Context of Globalisation

Ning Wang

Professor of English and Director, Comparative Literature and Cutural Research Institute, Tsinghua University.

Wang Ning is Professor of English and Comparative Literature in the Foreign Languages Department, Tsinghua University where he directs the Center for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies. Apart from his numerous publications in Chinese, his English articles frequently appear in such international prestigious journals as 'New Literary History', 'boundary 2', 'Critical Inquiry', 'Social Semiotics', 'Neohelicon', 'ARIEL', 'Canadian Review of Comparative Literature', 'Comparative Literature Studies', 'Perspectives: Studies in Translatology', 'Journal of Contemporary China' and many others. His most recent book in English is 'Globalization and Cultural Translation'.

Ref: D05P0373