Multicultural in Educational Settings: Eliminate the Bias and Advocate Tolerance

Dongqi Fu
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The paper discusses some of the multicultural forms in higher educational settings. Cultural diversities are not only in different nations, ethnic groups but also in different regions as well as various classes in the same region. The Central University for Nationalities is the university with the characteristic of diversity. The 60 percent of the students are from 55 ethnic groups in China and teaching staff is also comes from varied cultural background. How to organize students from different cultural background to study and live harmoniously is an urgent issue for educators. Diversity challenged some of traditional substance of education, teaching methods, the relationship between teachers and student. The author tried some methods in the classroom to cut off prejudice and learn to respect differences. The multicultural education is educational issue at the same time it is the issue to develop a harmonious society.

Keywords: Multicultural
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Dongqi Fu

Associate Professor, Foreign Language School, The Central University for Nationalities

My ethnic group is Bai which lives in southwest of China. I have taught English in the elementary school, middle school, and university for non-English major students since 1976. I really enjoy my teaching. In 1991 and 2002 I visited University of Washington. Some of my papers on teaching methods are as follows: "Teaching Fast Reading with Computer Auxiliary System" Co-authored with Tuya and Yu Hong, Ethnic Education Study, 2, 1999, "The Feasibility of Adopting a "Student-centered" Approach in Large English Classes". The Third International Conference on English Language Teaching in China May, 2001, Beijing, "How to Meet Student's Need" Postgraduate English Teaching and Research, edited by Yan Xixing and Ma Yingjie, People's University Press 2004, 5, Beijing , "Portfolio Assessment Helps Students to Be Active Learners" the Fourth International Conference on English Language Teaching in China 2004, 5, Beijing.

Ref: D05P0375