An Ethnographic Study on Globalization in a Rural Community

Zhanlong Ba
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Based on the fieldwork of social anthropology in a rural community of the Yugur ethnic group, an ethnic community with less Population in China. This research points out how modern information media, including television, radio, VCD and DVD, influences villagers' lives, change their lives' contents and the cognitions to space-time of local residents as a kind of useful measure to spread the mainstream ideology of modern society. All these lead to the vanish of traditional culture of community unceasingly. Maybe the cultural changes will change that the residents in community identify with the traditional culture.

Keywords: Globalization, Rural Community, Ethnography
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Zhanlong Ba

Doctoral Candidate, School of Education, The Central University for Nationalities

Ba, Zhanlong (another name is Wulu SaGers), is from the Yugur ethnic group. Now he is a doctoral candidate in School of Education of the Central University for Nationalities. His most known academic work is "Community Development and Culture Selection of schooling for Yugur Nationality - An Ethnographic Research of Rural Schooling in Ethnic Community with Less Population in Western China" (2005). His main study area is Educational Anthropology.

Ref: D05P0377