Chinese Tibetan College Student English Learning and Theoretical Exploration

Xuelian Li
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Chinese Minority Students, especially Tibetan students from remote minority area and poor region, have difficulty in learning English. Tibetan students' lower English level results in their disadvantage in further study and work field and they cannot adapt to social requirement and international communication. The paper starts with the research on their English learning problems, including English learning strategies, learning styles and learning concepts as well as mother tongue distraction and cultural difference etc. Practical investigation will be carried out systematically and statistical analysis will be done. Moreover, theories about English linguistics, social linguistics, ethnic education and anthropology are being used to explain and explore the problems and difficulties existing. Finally ways and solutions will be figured out scientifically. The paper will set a precedent in foreign language education for Chinese minorities and fill the blank of both theoretical and practical research in the field of the combination of foreign language teaching and ethnic education. It is an innovative study and will promote the development of foreign language teaching and ethnic education in the multi-cultural background.

Keywords: Chinese Tibetan College Student English Learning Solution, Theoretical exploration
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Xuelian Li

English Teacher, Foreign Language Department, Central University for Nationalities

Ref: D05P0387