Multi-explanation of the Functions of the Manchu’s Custom Culture

Mingxin Liu
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As an important component of the Manchu's culture system, the Manchu's customs show its multi-values. These multi-functions can be embodied through letting off and balance, entertainment and taste, educating and identifying, regulating and maintaining, and arts and physical education, etc. At the same time, as an ethnic nationality who is good at absorbing and digesting the alien culture, Manchu's custom culture contribute greatly to the formation and development of Beijing's culture and the Chinese culture. As a result, the Manchu's custom culture plays an important role in the system of the Chinese culture all the time.

Keywords: Manchu, Culture, Custom, Function, Contribution
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Mingxin Liu

Associate Professor, Department of Ethnology, The Central University for Nationalities

I come from Shandong province of China, and studied in CUN for ten years all together. Though I am Hui nationality, I like to share my ideas with people from other minorities. CUN is a very special university in China, and I feel lucky to work here with my colleagues with different background.

Ref: D05P0388