Outside Civilization in Lhasa from the Middle of 17th Century to the Beginning of 20th Century

Faxiang Su
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The Geluk-pas had reigned Tibet since 1644.Then lhasa has become political, economical ,cultural and religious center of Tibet. Generally speaking, Tibet gradually closed its door to outside world from the beginning of 17th century. Although cultural mainstream in Lhasa is Tibetan Buddhism, cultures from outside of Tibet still played very active role in Lhasa. The paper is to delve and expound some ignored characteristics of cultures in Lhasa during near four centuries time through case study.

Keywords: Dge-lugs-pa, Qosot Mongol, Lhasa, Tibetan Buddhism, Outside civilization
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Faxiang Su

Deputy Director of School of Tibetan Studies, School of Tibetan Studies, Central University of Nationalities

Faxiang Su taught in the University of Nationalities for more than ten years. Faxiang Su's research field is Tibetan history and society. Students Curriculum include Tibetan History, History of Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan Culture.

Ref: D05P0389