The Development View of Bilingual Education on Multi-Visual Field

De Su
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Mongolia Bilingual Education is an important problem in the bilingual study. This article emphasizes building many courses of the theories and methods that apply linguistics (ethno linguistics), pedagogy, culture anthropology, psychology, and sociology in synthetically, by studying individual cases, and set up a special bilingual teaching mode and the standard of evaluation which fit many national minority school. In this way, direct leading and service will be given for the reform and development of Mongolia Bilingual Education.

Keywords: Mongolia, Bilingual Education, Multi-Visual field
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De Su

Professor, Education and Science College, Inner Mongolia Normal University

Su De is Mongolian and is a Professor at the Inner Mongolia Normal University. Su De is the director of Mongolia national education Research centre, Master degree director, Chinese national minority Bilingual education research member, Chinese social mental state academic association member, Chinese study science academic association membe and the national university study research meeting member.

Ref: D05P0391