Equality or Inequality: Research for the Recruit Policy of Higher Education for Minorities in China

Junmei Ao
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Different from other recruit policies of the higher education, the Recruit Policy of the Higher Education for Minorities(PHEM) is based on minority identity,whose beneficial object is only the member of minority,but majority han nationality .This paper consisits of four parts:
Part one :It summarizes on PHEM.which defines the concept of PHEM,depicts the content of PHEM today, concludes its character, and generalizes the process of its forming and developing phases:the socialistic alteration phase, the socialistic construction phase,the cultrural revolution phase,the historic transition,the whole innovation phase. PHEM in different phases has different content and character.
Part two:It present the general situation of the higher education of minoritiy by data, and analyze its character. Part three:Its present the challenge what PHEM meets.It includes mainly three parts:
one is the great change setting of PHEM,some items are inefficacy, the impact to PHEM taken by market economy system.all problem focus on how to comprehend the essence of PHEM today.
Part four:Conclusion:how to comprehend the equality.

Keywords: Equality, Recruit Policy of the Higher Education for Minorities
Presentation Type: Paper Presentation in English
Paper: Equality or Inequality

Junmei Ao

Doctor Candidate, Education College, The Normal University

Ref: D05P0395