Community Radio: Lessons from South Africa

Steven Youngblood
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As consolidation of ownership and homogenization of commercial radio in America continues unabated, proponents of a resurgence of service-oriented, community radio can look to an unexpected place for inspiration — South Africa. In South Africa, 82 community radio stations have signed on during the last decade, and 150 are expected to be on the air by the end of 2004. For many in South Africa, non-profit community radio is the medium of choice. 75% of South Africans, mostly those in the former townships, get their news from community radio stations. South African experts say that community radio is especially important in former townships where, as a legacy of apartheid, many residents still can't read or write. Community radio bridges the information gap between the literate and the illiterate in South African communities. The workshop will examine community radio specifically in Cape Flats, near Cape Town, which hosts many former townships, and in the former township of Soweto, near Johannesburg. We will look at the relationship between the communities and their radio stations, and examine community-oriented programming that centers around issues like HIV/AIDS. The presentation will also offer a glimpse of some resources available for the further study of community radio. The last segment of the workshop will be a brainstorming session. Using the same rubric that they use in South Africa, participants will produce tentative plans for community-radio style shows that they might air in their home countries.

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Steven Youngblood

Assistant Professor of Communication Arts; General Manager-KGSP-FM, Communication Arts International Education , Park University

I teach broadcasting, communication, and journalism classes to undergraduates at Park University, a small, liberal arts college in the American Midwest. I also sponsor the college radio and TV stations. My major accomplishments at Park include putting our radio station online, spearheading a capital improvement plan for broadcasting, fostering better relations between broadcasting professionals and my students, and working to expand and improve international education. I was a 2001 J. William Fulbright Scholar in Chisinau, Moldova. As a Fulbrighter, I taught at the State University in Moldova and in a local high school (lyceum). I also was a writer and editor for a local newspaper, and edited a UN magazine during my Fulbright. I have returned annually to Moldova to teach workshops and seminars for students and professional journalists each of the last three years, the first two years on U.S. State Department grants, and last summer, on a UNICEF grant. My international experience during the last year includes being a part of a People to People ambassador programs journalism and mass communications delegation to South Africa, and accompanying a global leadership and education seminar to Monterrey, Mexico. In addition, my wife, son, and I are the host family to four Park University international students.

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