Walking in Somebody Else's Shoes: Teaching Acting as a Cross-Cultural Language

Dr. Thomas Arthur
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Using my own sequence of acting exercises, previously utilized in Hong Kong, the townships of South Africa, Finland, Hungary, Bangladesh, India, Cyprus, Greece and Canada, I will lead a diverse group of non-theatre majors, hopefully including invited secondary school teachers, in creating performance together. This series of exercises has been developed over a thirty-five year university and professional level teaching career and includes physical and vocal work, sensory training and performance analysis. It leads to "acting" with understanding and empathy for one's fellow performers, as well as the sensibilities of the audience.

Keywords: Theatre, Art, Teaching
Stream: Learning, Education, Training
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Dr. Thomas Arthur

Professor of Theatre, School of Theatre and Dance, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia

Thomas Arthur is Professor of Theatre at James University. He received his BA and MA from Northwestern University, both in Theatre, and Ph. D. in American Studies at I. U., Bloomington. He has directed over seventy plays at both university and professional levels, including one of the Kennedy Center ACTF presentations for 1998. He has written more than forty articles, interviews and reviews and is co-author of a biography of actor Melvyn Douglas. He has presented papers at the International Federation of Theatre Research in Montreal and Tel Aviv and has lectured and presented workshops on Cyprus and in Bangladesh, India, Hungary, Finland, Italy, the townships of South Africa, Canada and Great Britain; in the 1980's Arthur served as a regular BBC Eastern Branch interviewer. In recent years he has directed for the Virginia and Texas Shakespeare festivals, as well as the Bigfork Summer Musical Theatre in Bigfork, Montana.

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