Afro Canadians in Nova Scotia

Dr Bernard Delpeche
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This paper tends to analyze the evolution of the settlements of the first African groups who came to Nova Scotia, Canada by the mid of the 18th century. In spite of the official efforts to recognize this ethnic group of African Canadians, there is still a serious obstacle in the path of multicultural harmony. Some studies demonstrate the perpetuation of discrimination among Blacks of Nova Scotia in terms of isolation and poverty but this present study analyzes the elements of values and attitudes the White majority of Canada expected from each category of each generation of immigrants and minorities. The "color" issue described to distinguish minority in Canada is a consequence of a dominant value system. Canada is still a country where minority status is practically synonymous with not being White. The marginality of the Blacks of Nova Scotia, in terms of a lack of access to global and local resources, is a result of a colonialist spirit which persists in the system of immigration of Canada. One of the factors which will be largely developed in this paper is the social sedimentation of all groups of immigrants who came to Nova Scotia and dealt with Blacks of Nova Scotia. Chronologically, French Colonizers, Acadians, British subjects (Scottish and Irish communities) blocked the social and economic developments of African cultures in Nova Scotia. In addition, they created an unfair mentality of Canadian immigration which categorized immigrants in general. The history of immigration in Canada is mainly conceived in terms of inconsistencies, inter-ethnic competitions and American dependencies. The marginalization of Blacks of Nova Scotia must be analyzed through the policy of the settlements of other ethnic communities in Nova Scotia.

Keywords: Race and Racism
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Dr Bernard Delpeche

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