Effectively Leading an International Meeting of a Global Company

Dr. Arthur Shriberg,
Richa Kumari,
Dr Anas Malik
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Meetings of global companies are often non-productive or derailed because of the lack of understanding of cross-cultural communications and the impact of cultural faux pas. This session will begin with a scripted ten-minute international sales meeting with managers from the U.S., South America, India, and the Middle East. Since almost all the comments made violate cultural norms and expectations of the meeting participants, each panelist will give a 5 minute summary of culturally appropriate behavior for meetings in their culture. The session will then replay the meeting where each of the participants where each of the participants talk and act in a multiculturaly appropriate manner, allowing the meeting to be successful. The audience will then be invited to comment and react. They will be given both transcripts and guidelines for culturally appropriate meetings and a document analyzing the cultural faux pas they witnessed. Conference attendees from the U.S. (Dr Art Shriberg), Middle East (Dr Anas Malik), and India (Richa Kumari) will participate (South American panelist to be named).

Keywords: Cross-cultural Leading, Multi-cultural Leading, Cross-cultural Communication, Multicultural Communication
Stream: Organisations
Presentation Type: Workshop Presentation in English
Paper: Effectively Leading an International Meeting of a Global Company

Dr. Arthur Shriberg

Professor of Leadership, Department of Management, Xavier University

Dr Shriberg, Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship at Xavier University, spent twenty years as a Vice President and/or Dean in four urban universities. Currently, he teaches courses in Leadership, Management Skills, Diversity, Interpersonal Skills, and Management Theory (courses he helped develop) to undergraduate and graduate students. He has won several teaching awards. As a management consultant he has consulted with and facilitated training programs concerning leadership, diversity, management skills and group communication skills in more than 150 corporate, governmental, healthcare, not-for-profit, and educational settings. He has significant experience coaching CEOs, boards of directors and other senior corporate leaders of various sized companies in interpersonal skills development, cultural transformations, and planning and navigating organizational change. He serves as a Management Consultant for Pope and Associates, a nationally known consulting firm. He has just completed the third edition of his textbook, Practicing Leadership: Principles and Application (Wiley and Sons, Inc., N. Y., 2005) is a multi-discipline textbook used in colleges and universities throughout the world. He has served as second author on Project Leadership (Management Concepts, Washington). He and Carol Lloyd wrote a weekly syndicated column entitled A World of Difference that appeared in newspapers throughout the country.

Richa Kumari

Diversity consultant

Dr Anas Malik

Affiliation not supplied

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